Sep 17, 2014

Interbike 2014

Another September, another trade show season.

Last year we changed it up a little and went to Eurobike to see how they do it on the other side of the Atlantic. This year we decided to stay closer to home and head back to Interbike in Las Vegas after a 2 year hiatus.

It's the first time we've attended the show in it's new location at Mandalay Bay. Overall, the show seemed bigger, busier, and had a very positive vibe - which is interesting since most reports we've read say the industry was "flat" compared to previous years.

Enjoy our photo essay of some of the products and adventures we had while in Sin City.

Sweet ice cream trike located poolside at our hotel.

We brought our Bromptons with us this time which made getting around much more enjoyable, compared to the endless walking that usually accompanies any trip here. Ms. BikeBike looking great on our way to the show on day 1.

We are really excited to now be an Xtracycle dealer. Their bikes are refined, fun to ride, and they have a similar corporate attitude to us! #kindredspirits

Xtracycle coffee bike. If you look close you'll notice this one is equipped with a Bosch electric motor - a new model for 2015 which we are really excited about!

Yuba introduced a kid-sized cargobike called the "FlipFlop". It is a runbike that can be "flipped" from small size to a bigger size increasing the time your children can use the bike. Rear rack included, front rack and bag options available too.

Yup, electrified, fatbike, trike.  If you can dream it up, it's probably here at Interbike.

Portal Bikes from Nepal were showing this longtail cargobike that is designed to help foster small business in Nepal. The bike can be equipped with add-ons, like this coffee grinder, water pumps, seed cleaners, etc. Nice guys with a lot of passion to help people in need.

KHS's fatbikes looked great. They have a new $1000 retail model making fatbike ownership available to many more people.

The KHS 5000 carbon fatbike looked amazing and was crazy light, even with 5" tires. Winter does not mean the end of the cycling season, it's just the start of a new season!

Chrome Industries was on hand with their very cool forged rubber machine that makes soles for shoes. Shown is a special edition shoe they were making at the show, I had to buy a pair :)

Chrome was also showing some new, bike mounted bags including a pannier/shopper, handlebar bag, and 2 sizes of seatbags, all made with their innovative "knurled welded" construction.

We've been clamoring for a heavier-weight kid seat option and Yepp has finally delivered the "Junior". 35kgs/75lbs weight limit, up to about age 9, comes complete as shown and will work great on Yubas, Xtracycles, and most bikes you can mount a rear rack to.

Wee-Hoo was showing their great "trail-a-bike" range including a tandem kid version. Super adjustable for various ages, light offroad capable, and comes with a very nice bike-attachment that offers incredible range of movement.

Brooks has added some new bags to their beautiful and functional range of handmade products including these seatbags in 2 sizes, a new handlebar bag, and redesigned panniers in 2 sizes. Gorgeous!

And a new helmet collaboration with Carrera of Italy. Available in tartan or in solid colours, the helmets is collapsible, fits many head shapes due to its flexible design, meaning wearing a helmet has never been so stylish.

Ortlieb has lots of new products on hand, including these fine looking, printed Back Roller Classics.

A bike made from reclaimed plywood? Yup.

Gazelle is reintroducing a few model designs dating back to the 1950's including this beautiful mixte model. A classic roadster is also on the way.

Papillionaire Cycles have a very nice range of classic city bikes including this stepthrough model, a classic roadster, mixte, and a cafe racer. Lugged, chromoly steel classics!

Imagine what fun we could have with these!

And, finally! The perfect accessory to deal with people who refuse to leash their dogs on the pathways?

With Day 1 of the show in the bag, we rode our bikes (uphill for 1-1/2hrs!) to the Desert Breeze soccer complex to take in the sights and sounds of Cross Vegas - the unofficial beginning of the cyclocross season in North America.  Huge crowds, beer gardens, and a lovely warm evening made for a fun night of lycra watching.

Day 2 ended with the 6th annual Mobile Social presented by Bike Hugger. Seemed like there was 150+ people on the ride, with a huge range of bikes and costumes. I have never seem so many folding bikes in one place - it was awesome!

We basically rode The Strip from Mandalay Bay all the way north to Freemont where free beer and criterium racing awaited.
Following the music trike-party-wagon early in the ride.

No caption needed.
Once we arrived in Freemont we wandered around and found a new development called Container Park.  Inside they had a "movie in the park" in progress on a big screen, restaurants, gift shops, and this amazing fire-breathing mantis. It is operated by 4 people, has been to Burning Man, and is street legal.

Crispy critter.
And, what would a trade show be without seeing something truly far out.

With giving away too much here - we are delighted to be coming back with new product offerings, a renewed sense of what is happening in the bike industry, and a real appreciation for the power of bicycles to inspire and unite people. We are truly blessed to be apart of this crazy business and are looking forward to a fantastic 2015 season.

May 13, 2014

Houston, the Bobbins have landed!

2014 Bobbin Birdie in Powder Blue

After a 2 year hiatus we are very pleased to have Bobbin Bicycles available again in 2014! These lovely bicycles offer gorgeous colours, a rack to carry stuff, mudguards and chainguards to keep their clothes clean. The bikes are super-stylish, have a spritely personality, but are also comfortable and practical.

"What’s the Bobbin philosophy?
Transform a journey into magical adventure.

We want each bike we make to be much more than the sum of their parts. We encourage our riders to connect with their bikes and see them as companions. We very firmly believe that a bike can have a personality, a name, even a soul ( if that doesn’t sound too pretentious). Cycling is definitely a soulful activity that can improve your life and its definitely possible to fall in love with a bike. Before Bobbin came along it seemed cycling was only discussed in terms of how fit it makes you and how far and how fast you can go.

We talk about how it makes you look and feel; how it can  help you interact with the landscape in a new way. It’s the romance of cycling that interests us."

We have 3 models available to choose from - Birdie 3-speed in 4 different colours and 3 sizes, the entry level Metropole 6-speed in 2 colour options and 2 sizes, and the versatile Humminbird 8-speed in navy blue and 2 sizes.

Pop in today to take one of these zippy bikes for a test ride!

Apr 10, 2014

Say Hello To Achielle Bicycles

We love European bicycles.  Their classic form elicits feelings of nostalgia and a simpler way of life.  Their toughness and durability are renowned around the world.  And their comfortable ride position offers poise and style not found in many bicycles designed in North America.  

We've had many different European brands come through the shop - but none are like Achielle.  Their attention to detail, their handmade nature, ability to innovate coupled with your ability to order exactly what you want makes this brand something very special. 

Handmade Lovelies.
Eric Kamphof, of Fourth Floor Distribution offers a few words about Achielle - 

"Achielle Bicycles was founded by Achiel (whose stern face is upon every headbadge) and who shares the company with his two sons, Peter and Tom. The company was split into two for years, the original was Dija (1946), the later was Oostcolor (1986). Like many small bike companies, Dija was essentially locavore, and served a small region of Belgium with bikes much like the local brewery supplied beer. 
In The Netherlands many of these locavore companies started regionally, then became big, then bigger, and then were acquired by global Merger & Acquisition (M&A) companies like Accell Group, Achielle always stayed small. In that way, it's a quality Dutch bike - which to this day are the finest quality we've seen - but with a heavy dose of provenance and craft. The growth part of the company was its paint shop. Good paint is hard to find, and a good painter even more. Oostcolor was a contractor and served the bicycle industry for decades. The companies became one when Tom and Peter took over. They added some youthful zeal to the company by creating the brand Achielle (in their fathers honor) and by creating bikes that really packaged their Fathers amazing history and integrity."

Artisanal Bicycles.
If you are looking for a classic European bicycle and like the idea of being able to pick exactly what you want - think bespoke tailored clothing - you need to come in and take one of these beautiful bicycles for a test ride.

See you soon.