May 13, 2014

Houston, the Bobbins have landed!

2014 Bobbin Birdie in Powder Blue

After a 2 year hiatus we are very pleased to have Bobbin Bicycles available again in 2014! These lovely bicycles offer gorgeous colours, a rack to carry stuff, mudguards and chainguards to keep their clothes clean. The bikes are super-stylish, have a spritely personality, but are also comfortable and practical.

"What’s the Bobbin philosophy?
Transform a journey into magical adventure.

We want each bike we make to be much more than the sum of their parts. We encourage our riders to connect with their bikes and see them as companions. We very firmly believe that a bike can have a personality, a name, even a soul ( if that doesn’t sound too pretentious). Cycling is definitely a soulful activity that can improve your life and its definitely possible to fall in love with a bike. Before Bobbin came along it seemed cycling was only discussed in terms of how fit it makes you and how far and how fast you can go.

We talk about how it makes you look and feel; how it can  help you interact with the landscape in a new way. It’s the romance of cycling that interests us."

We have 3 models available to choose from - Birdie 3-speed in 4 different colours and 3 sizes, the entry level Metropole 6-speed in 2 colour options and 2 sizes, and the versatile Humminbird 8-speed in navy blue and 2 sizes.

Pop in today to take one of these zippy bikes for a test ride!

Apr 10, 2014

Say Hello To Achielle Bicycles

We love European bicycles.  Their classic form elicits feelings of nostalgia and a simpler way of life.  Their toughness and durability are renowned around the world.  And their comfortable ride position offers poise and style not found in many bicycles designed in North America.  

We've had many different European brands come through the shop - but none are like Achielle.  Their attention to detail, their handmade nature, ability to innovate coupled with your ability to order exactly what you want makes this brand something very special. 

Handmade Lovelies.
Eric Kamphof, of Fourth Floor Distribution offers a few words about Achielle - 

"Achielle Bicycles was founded by Achiel (whose stern face is upon every headbadge) and who shares the company with his two sons, Peter and Tom. The company was split into two for years, the original was Dija (1946), the later was Oostcolor (1986). Like many small bike companies, Dija was essentially locavore, and served a small region of Belgium with bikes much like the local brewery supplied beer. 
In The Netherlands many of these locavore companies started regionally, then became big, then bigger, and then were acquired by global Merger & Acquisition (M&A) companies like Accell Group, Achielle always stayed small. In that way, it's a quality Dutch bike - which to this day are the finest quality we've seen - but with a heavy dose of provenance and craft. The growth part of the company was its paint shop. Good paint is hard to find, and a good painter even more. Oostcolor was a contractor and served the bicycle industry for decades. The companies became one when Tom and Peter took over. They added some youthful zeal to the company by creating the brand Achielle (in their fathers honor) and by creating bikes that really packaged their Fathers amazing history and integrity."

Artisanal Bicycles.
If you are looking for a classic European bicycle and like the idea of being able to pick exactly what you want - think bespoke tailored clothing - you need to come in and take one of these beautiful bicycles for a test ride.

See you soon. 

Mar 6, 2014

Say Hello To Simcoe - Canada's Newest Bike Brand

We are please to announce the arrival of a brand new!

Simcoe Bicycles was born out of the hearts and minds of the fine folks at Fourth Floor Distribution in Toronto after many years of importing city-focused bicycles and accessories from all over Europe and North America to feed the demand for products that are perfectly suited for your city bike lifestyle.

Simcoe Step Through 3-sp Special

Many consider European city bikes as the gold standard of design, functionality, and durability, they also tend to be some of the heaviest bikes in the city bike category and sometimes have more accoutrement's then many folks in North America need.  At the other end of the spectrum are the American designed city bikes which look great and are of lighter weight, they do not offer enough frame sizes and are not designed to be durable enough to easily handle our harsh Canadian winters.

Simcoe Bicycles aims to fill this gap and offer a new perspective on what a city bike can be.  Beautiful.  Durable.  Fun.

Through this ride, freedom.

Let's start with beautiful.  Right from the first moment you set your eyes upon a Simcoe you will notice the deep, luxurious powder coated frameset, full fenders, and rear luggage carrier.  Powder coating, not paint.  Powder coating resists chipping and peeling better than regular paint and will offer a gorgeous looking bike through many years of daily use.

Fluted fenders, leather fender washers, sturdy luggage rack.
Lugged headtube, box-style fork crown, fender ornament.

Durability of design is paramount with Simcoe.  Starting with a high quality steel frameset and covered in that beautiful powder coating, the rest of the bike is equipped with well thought out components.  Tough double wall rims, Schwalbe tires, and stainless steel spokes will keep your rolling flat-free over countless kilometres.  Shimano Nexus 3 or 7-speed internally geared hubs effortlessly handle the shifting duties.  A full wrap chainguard will keep you clean and also protect your chain from road grime - while offering the ability to drop the rear wheel out of the bike easily if needed.  And fluted, full wrap steel fenders will keep you and your bike looking tiptop all year 'round.  The complete package is tied together with satin finished aluminum handlebars, stem, seatpost, and crankset.  Ohh la la!

Special models come with a custom matched Brooks saddle.

And lest we forget why we all started riding bikes in the first place - fun

Simcoe Bicycles are really fun to ride.  With 2 sizes available in both the step through and step over models the perfect fit for you is easy to find.  Your first pedal stroke reveals frame geometry that is designed to be both fun to ride if you're in a hurry and perfectly stable if you have a load of groceries onboard. 

There are 3 models available in various colours depending on the model -

- 3-speed Special, comes with a custom colour matched Brooks leather saddle $
- 7-speed Basic, all the goodness listed with a regular saddle $
- 7-speed Special, comes with dual Shimano roller brakes (drum) and Brooks saddle $

As Calgary's exclusive stockist we are very proud to offer Simcoe Bicycles to you and cannot wait for you to own a piece of Canadian bike history.